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tele〓com company ha■s long been accused■ by the Uni○t

thousand●s of American jobs.〓"Although H■uawei does ○not do much busine○ss in the Unit〓ed States,● the company◆ is the so〓le provider of ne○tworking equip■ment to many r●ural American inter■net providers, accor●ding to a CNN articl〓e on Tuesd〓ay."Those companies ●have said it wi◆ll take time -- or■ may be impossible -◆- to replace their H〓uawei technolog■y with a rival's," i●t added.As a move■ to ease the re●percussion of 〓the ban, the U.S.○ Depar

tment〓 of Commerce on Mond○ay issued a 90■-day temporary lice●nse loosening restr◆ictions on busin●ess deals ○with Huawei.■Huawei doesn't inte■nd to isolate i〓tself from ●others, but want○s to make as

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nment. ●However, "no in

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many ○friends as p■ossible, its founder● Ren Zhengfei● told Chinese media ■on Tuesday when as○ked why Huawei◆ didn't use substitu●tes before the Uni■ted States◆ took the latest a■ggressive measur●es."We don't wan◆t to do

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■o a December 2018 a●rticle by U.?/h2>

馭. media Politi■co

harm● to friends,●" he said. "W●e want to help ●them achieve ●good balance sheet■s. Even if we make● adjustments, we ●still ought to re◆nder help."The s○pirit of openness i●s what helped the ◆United States deve●lop. However,〓 Washington◆'s restrictions on■ Huawei, ba◆sed on unfo■unded allegat○ions and polit●ical speculatio○ns, fall foul of ○the golden■ r

.Given the lack of● proof that Huaw●ei thr

eatens U.S.○ security, la

ules it once〓 embraced.For W◆ashington to win● in an era of co●operation 〓and inter-depend○ence, it wo◆uld be better to r●evive the spirit ○of openness.Pleas〓e scan the Q○R Code to follow u〓s on InstagramPlea〓se scan the QR C◆ode to foll◆ow us on WechatEurop○e's scrutiny res●ults prove Hua○wei "innocent": C◆hina FM spokesp○ersonEurope's scrut◆iny results pr

s●t week's twin■ moves by Washi●ngt

on -- the use o〓f state appar

ove ○Huawei "innocen●t": China FM spok〓espersonEu〓rope's scru■tiny resul●ts prove Huawei "inn○ocent": China FM○ spokesperson○05-21-2019 09:44◆ BJTBEIJING, May 2○0 -- The results o■f Europe's sc●rutiny on products ■by China's Hua〓wei Technologies Co〓., Ltd. hav●e proven the ◆company's "innoce●nce," a Chinese F○oreign Ministry ●spokesperson sa〓id Monday.Spok

at●us to oppress a com●pany -- are a reflec■tion of not

hing◆ but bullying.Th

esper●son Lu Kang made◆ the remarks in ■response t●o German media◆ reports that y〓ears of scrut■iny by Britain, Ge■rmany and the Europe〓an Union (EU) have f〓ound no obvious "◆backdoors" ○in Huawei ■products, while secu〓rity loophole○s are often spotte〓d in products mad◆e by Cisco ●of the United Stat●es, as evid●enced by ten "backd■oor" incide●nts exposed■

e● smearing campaign〓 against

Huawei a●side, the United ?/h4>

since 2013."We'd li●ke to see the U.○S. comment ○on the findi●ngs," Lu said a●t a press brief■ing, adding that sin●ce the "Prism gat○e" incident, the U.S〓. has remained s●ilent over evid●ence alleging its ◆illegal practice■s of cyber ◆attacks and the■fts.For th●e purpose of g◆aining com●petitive advantage●s, the United State○s, judging ot○hers using● its

馭tates has also b●een trying t

o r■ally Europe to ab◆ando

own stand〓ards, has reso●rted to smear tac〓tics against◆ other countrie◆s' enterpr〓ises without○ providing● convincing e〓vidence, he sa●id."The co〓nclusions of Europ◆e's scrutin〓y have proven○ Huawei innoce◆nt, and showed t●he U.S. sup●pression ag○ainst other coun〓tries' ent●erprises with stat●e power is unj○ustified," Lu〓 added.Please ■scan the Q◆R Cod

e to follo〓w us on Instagr●amPlease sca■n the QR Co〓de to follow us● on WechatLea〓rning lessons from H●uawei's co●untermeasureLe■arning lessons fro●m Huawei's counterme■asureLearning l■essons from 〓Huawei's cou○ntermeasure05■-20-2019 09:59 BJTN○ote: The fo

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llowing a○rticle is t○aken from the Chine●se-language "Co●mmentaries ●on Internation●al Affairs"On Thursd◆ay, the U.S. 〓Department of Co〓mmerce, wit○hout any valid e○vidence, put Chinese■ technology■ firm Huawei a●nd its 70 aff◆iliates on an 〓“Entity Li●st,

n Huawe○i p

  • roducts, cit○ing security t◆hreats.
  • It was not w●elcome."Eu
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  • United St■ates," German

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  • Our perspecti◆ve is not to〓 block Hu

awei or a●ny comp

” which p■rohibited Hu◆awei from purchas●ing compon◆ents or techn〓ologies from U.○S. companies. Suc■h a move was cle〓arly aimed at◆ obstructing○ the development ■of China’s ●high-tech sector by■ strangling H〓uawei and sec●uring Amer○ica’s h●egemony in the g■lobal sci-tech s○ector.However, what 〓surprised Washington■ is that Huaw●ei immediatel◆y announced plan●s to use backup ch◆ips it had been ●independent◆ly developing■ for years to ○ensure stra■tegic security and a○ steady supp○ly chain of◆ most of its pr■oducts. This● represents a fan○tastic fight bac●k against ●the ‘stran○gling’○ moves made ◆by the U.S. sid●e and is thanks t◆o Huawei&rsqu■o;s spirit of h●ard work and 〓innovation, ●along with the c●ompany’s f●arsightedn■ess and vigi●lance against pot■ential dangers ●in times of peac●e

.As the world●’s largest◆ telecom-equipment m〓anufacturer, after 〓more than ○20 years of d●evelopment acro○ss the globe, Huaw■ei’s service〓s and produ○cts are bei◆ng used in 170 co■untries, serving● over one-third of t〓he world&rsqu●o;s populatio●n. However■, its developmen○t path in ●the U.S. has b●een rough ●and rugged. Man○y of its a●cquisition projects ○were obstruc●ted, and t◆he company was also ●probed for posin●g so-called &l◆dquo;national se◆curity risks.&rdqu〓o; The door◆ for Huawe■i to join ■the intern●et infrastructure co〓nstruction in the ◆U.S. with local◆ operators ◆has remained fir〓mly shut.The U.S〓. has been an〓xious about the fact◆ that Huawei■ tops the globa◆l list of patent ◆applications in 5G ○network constru●ction and ha●s declared that &l●dquo;the race to ■5G is a race○ that America mu●st win”◆. Although the U.S. ■side has clai■med that it wants ■to

win throu○gh competition○ instead of bloc●king out ad○vanced technolog■ies, its deeds do n○ot match it○s words. The U.S〓. has been using〓 the concept of &○ldquo;nationa

– Quote Author (Quote #1)

l secu●rity&rdquo●; as a tool to p●romote trade pro◆tectionism, and● has taken va○rious measures●, including politic●al kidnapp〓ing, to curb Hua●wei’s acces◆s to 5G netw●ork construction〓 across the w●orld.Howeve●r, its latest ●moves not only w〓on’t make 〓America safe○r or stronger, but● have instead harmed◆ Huawei’s A?/p>any," Preside〓nt Emmanuel Macro

鰉erican partne〓rs, resulti●ng in huge job l■osses and underm○ining the global ■supply chain. S○hares of som〓e of Huawei&rsquo■;s partners, su◆ch as Qual◆comm a

– Quote Author (Quote #3)

n◆ told t

nd Xilinx, fel■l sharply after th●e U.S. restrictio◆ns were annou■nced. Lead■ers from Europea●n countries, incl◆uding Frenc●h President E○mmanuel Macron and ■German Cha●ncellor Angela Mer■kel, have made it■ clear that the〓y will not blindly ●follow the U.●S. steps to block 〓Huawei. Thes●e are clear signs of◆ public out〓rage against■ the U.S. ◆arbitrary moves● to crush ◆competitors th○rough the abuse■ of national power.○Huawei des◆erves a thum○bs-up for havin●g foreseen tho●se potential &lsqu●o;strangling&●rsquo; measures o●ver a decade a〓go and been pre●paring for just su

he VivaTech c●onference in 〓

Paris on Thurs◆

c■h a worst-case 〓scenario. The la■unch of back●up plans demonstrate■s the company&rsq●uo;s vigilant stance〓 against potentia○l dangers, as w〓ell as its resolve a■nd tenacity t■o overcome diffi●culties and ch●allenges.Such a s●pirit is n○ot only typical of○ Chinese enterpr■ises, but also of th◆e Chinese nation. Si■nce it was fo■unded 70 years ago, ◆the People&r◆squo;s Republic● of China ○has handled a ser■ies of combat and s◆uppression threa〓ts from t

day.Launching a◆ tech war

o◆r a trade

he outside ○world. The co■untry succ〓essfully p◆roduced atom and 〓hydrogen bombs a○nd a satellite ■on its own t○o cope with○ nuclear black●mail, and ove■rcame difficulties 〓to produce i○ts homegrown m●icrochips in the fac○e of a technolo●gical blockad◆e. Guided by the ●principle of &ldqu◆o;hope for the● best and 〓prepare for t●he worst”,〓 China and its p○eople have turned ●a series of○ dangers into〓 advantage.C●hina is now closer t●o and more confid○ent and capable th◆an ever before of m◆aking the goa●l

of national rejuve●nation a real●ity. It also○ knows that achievin●g that goal will not● be a walk in the ○park, but inst●ead requires ev●en harder wo〓rk, as well○ as vigila●nce against wor●st-case sce■narios. Huawei&■rsquo;s exemplary st■rategy is making a ●gre

wa■r against any coun●tr

y is not appropr○

ater number〓 of Chines■e people furth○er aware of the po●tential dangers in t■imes of peace, and ○more resolved to ●tackle tough issu○es head-on.Pleas●e scan the Q〓R Code to follo●w us on Insta●gramPlease scan th●e QR Code ◆to follow us on● WechatChi■na urges U.S. to■ stop executive or○der on Huaw●eiChina ur○ges U.S. to st●op executive order〓 on Huawei■China urges ■U.S. to stop executi○ve order o○n Huawei05-16-2019 ●19:09 BJTChina urges〓 the U.S. ○to stop th○e mistake of car〓rying out t○he executive order ●bar

ring U.S.● companies 〓from using tel●ecommunications e■quipment m●ade by Chine■se company Huawei a◆nd its 70 sub〓sidiaries, Chine○se Ministry of Comme■rce spokespers○on Gao Feng said in ●a media conference.■"The execu●tive order is an a●buse of natio〓nal securit

iate, nor

i○s it the be○st way t

y and uni●lateral trade s○anctions," Gao said◆, adding that the U◆.S. should respect● market economy rul●es and build a trans〓parent and unb◆iased commercial ●environment for◆ foreign compan○ies.China has alwa■ys asked Chines●e enterprises to fol○low the laws of ■the countries w●here they are based〓 and will take neces◆sary measures to ■protect Chin○ese companies' righ◆tful interests.M◆OC's response c●ame after ○U.S. President Don●ald Trump s■igned an executive ■order declaring a○ national emergency◆ and barring U

.S. co◆mpanies from usi●ng telecommunica●tions equipment mad●e by firms pos■ing an "unac○ceptable risk to t■he nationa◆l security."Earlier●, Huawei also re〓sponded that restric●ting Huawe◆i from doing ■business in the U.■S. will not make ●the U.S. more?/p>

the supply ■

?secure or〓 stronger.●Please scan the QR■ Code to follow ●us on InstagramPl●ease scan ■the QR Code to f●ollow us on Wechat◆China's Huawei ◆reiterates confi●dence in CFO's inn◆ocenceChina's ■Huawei reiterates〓 confidence〓 in CFO's ●innocenceChin○a's Huawei reitera

ens●e, as it pose●s

t○es confidence● in CFO's in○nocence05-09-●2019 11:17 BJTVA■NCOUVER, M■ay 8 -- Chinese tech■nology giant Huawei ◆said in a stateme◆nt on Wednesday th◆at the compa◆ny has always b◆een confident in■ the innocence o〓f its chief fina●ncial officer (C〓FO) Meng Wanzh○ou, who was arrested○ in Vancouve〓r last Dece●mber at the extradi◆tion request ●of the United

■Huawei's viability ?/h3>

Sta●tes."We have ma●intained that ●her U.S.-orde〓red arrest■ was an unlawful a●buse of process - o●ne guided by pol●itical consider●ations and tactics,● not by th◆e rule of law," the ●statement said, aft●er Meng attend●ed a court h◆earing in Vancouver 〓on Wednesday morn●ing local time.The s◆tatement was made〓 by Benjamin How●es, vice president● of Canadia

e total o●f 70 billi?/h2>

n● media affairs a○t Huawei, outsi〓de the British C◆olumbia Supreme● Court."The crimina●l case agains●t Ms. Meng ●is based on allegati◆ons that are ◆simply not true. T○o the contrar●y, it was made ○clear in co●urt today tha●t business● activities by Ms◆. Meng were con◆ducted openly and ●transparent◆ly with full know●ledge of ban●king officia○ls," Howes

s○aid.The lawyers not〓ed in court that the○re is no ev●idence to pr●ove that M◆eng committ●ed acts of dece■it, dishonest●y, or other fraud■ulent means, accor◆ding to the st〓atement.The actio◆ns against ◆Meng led t〓o serious and r〓epeated viol●ations of her right〓s, the statement○ said. Her lu■ggage was sea〓rched, her cel〓lphone and o■ther electr■onic d

evices◆ were seized, ■and she wa●s compelled to◆ reveal her pa〓sswords.It was ●revealed that the〓 arrest of Men◆g violated a core pr○inciple of Canad◆a-U.S. extradition t■reaty and Ca○nada's extraditi●on law, because the〓 allegation s●he faces is not〓 a crim

lar◆s Huawei spent ◆

e in ●Canada, the stateme○nt said."Poli●tical factors at pl■ay during ●the extradition proc●ess may lead to a s●erious viola○tion of justice. ●Ms. Meng's legi○timate rights m〓ay also be ha〓rmed. Thus Ms. Men〓g intends to appl■y to this Cou●rt for a stay◆ of the extradition● proceedings," Ho◆wes said.Ca◆nadians value t●he rule of law■, and law-enfor●cement officials are◆ expected to follow ●the rules ◆at all times, ◆in all cases and for● all people● - citizens and vis●i

on buying

tors alike, ac●cording to the state〓ment."We have○ trust in the ●Canadian jud●icial proce

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rted Frida◆y.

ss - ◆and we look forward● to seeing Ms■. Meng's freedom res■tored," Howes added○.Meng was a◆rrested on D〓ec. 1, 2018,〓 at Vancouver's ◆airport at the ○request of the■ United States, whic◆h is seeki

  • "The ban will 〓financially harm the〓 thousan
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  • usiness w●ith Huawei," said ●Catherine Chen,
  • ●a Director of〓 the Board at Huaw■ei, in a The N◆ew York Time
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s artic○le on Frida

ng her ex◆tradition on ■fraud charges.■Both Meng and Huaw◆ei have rep〓eatedly denied any w■rongdoing. ○Please scan th■e QR Code to fol〓low us on In●stagramPlease scan ◆the QR Code t●o follow us■ on WechatItaly ■rolls out welc■ome mat for Hua●w



U.S. pr

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